I started to crochet again when crochet came into fashion around the 1970s, and my first major garment was a dress. I wore it to a friend’s 21st birthday party and was incredibly proud of it, at least to begin with. It was created in lemon wool and with open medallion motives, the problem I never foresaw, nor did the pattern mention it, was as time went on, the weight of the wool dragged the dress down so what started at knee-length, ended up just a few inches above my ankles. I was much slimmer then, so I hoped it looked intentional. Not quite as bad as the hand-knitted swimming trunks a fellow traveller on holiday wore, much to everyone else’s amusement and his embarrassment.

My motherwaistcoat‘s hobby was dressmaking and she taught me, although the school did have a hand in it as well but the lap bag, cookery apron, drindl skirt and a shapeless top were the school basics and left a lot to be desired.

My mother often bought some bargain fabric remnants for me to make something with. I used bought patterns but redesigned them. I was never short of something to wear and as a hobby, it was practical and suited my purse.

A crochet waistcoat was combined with an off-white all-in-one catsuit. I have long since lost the black cord for the waistcoat and have used gold braid to show how it was. The catsuit, like most of my clothes has found it’s way into a charity shop.

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